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Principal's Message

September 20, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We had a very successful first day of school last Saturday, 9/17/2016. I would like to thank all teachers and staff for their tremendous efforts, thank all volunteers for their help, and thank all students and parents for their cooperation. Please keep up the good work!

1. Beginning of Cultural and Adult Classes
This Saturday, 9/24/2016, marks the first day of our cultural and adult programs. This includes all art classes, dance classes, music classes, chess classes, math classes, sport classes and adult classes.

2. Admission Slips for Cultural Classes
Please print out the Admission Slip from your family profile page for all your cultural class registrations before coming to school. There is the student name, class name, teacher name, classroom number, class schedule, and other information on the Admission Slips. If you see anything wrong, please contact the school admin at immediately. Students should have their Admission Slips with them when they enter their classroom(s).

See the classroom assignment map here

3. Class Cancellation/Class Transfer/Refunds
Class cancellation within the first week will allow for a 100% tuition refund; within the second week, a 75% tuition refund; the third week, 50% tuition refund; the fourth week, 25% tuition refund; after the fourth week, there is no tuition refund.

Class registration transfer is only allowed from a class with more students to a class with fewer students. Otherwise, you need to get authorization from the principal. If you transfer after four weeks, you need to pay a $20 processing fee.

If your balance shows a negative number on your family profile page, it means that you have a refund. The school will process the refund four weeks later after school starts. I will send out the refund notification email once it is available.

4. Driving Directions
Our school is located at the Livingston Mount Pleasant Middle School, 11 Broadlawn Dr., Livingston, NJ 07039. See details from here

5. Parking
Parking will be a little difficult especially during the in-town soccer season (Sept-Nov). Carpooling is encouraged. Please leave yourself ample time for parking. To avoid parking tickets, please follow parking rules anywhere you park, no matter if it is in the school parking lot or on the street. Please do not park in the staff parking lot. Please follow the parking map and park on the yellow lines. See the parking map here

6. Enter/Exit/Drop-off/Pickup
Parents and students shall enter the building at gate #3 and exit the building from either gate #3 or gate #2. See the map for the exact positions.

Parents are allowed to walk students to their classroom before the class starts. Parents should stay in the school cafeteria or outside of the building when class is in session. Parents are allowed to walk to the classroom to pick up students after the class is dismissed.

7. Communications
The school will use mailing list to communicate with parents for any upcoming events. To be added to the mailing list, please send an email to Please also check and keep your family profile updated with the right email address, phone numbers, and address, so that the teachers and the school admin team can contact you for homework assignments and other unexpected events.

8. MaLiPing Online Homework Demo, Q&A
Ma Li Ping Chinese training specialist, Ms. Yimin You, will be presenting on how to use MLP online homework system and will hold Q&A session afterwards. The session is from 9:00-10:30am on 9/24/2016 in room 110. All are welcome to join. 本学年马立平中文推出网上作业系统,可以代替光盘作业,网上作业各年级分别增加了趣味互动游戏,视频故事,听力打字,朗读录音,等等。第一年光盘转网上作业的技术升级,大家都会有一个熟悉和调整的过程, 也免不了有一些问题。本周六9:00-10:30,在110教室,马立平教研组的游毅敏老师将为家长们介绍演示网上作业,并回答家长们的问题,欢迎大家参加!

9. Requests from Livingston BOE
We had one incident last Saturday, 9/17/2016. I received the complaint from Livingston BOE. We will need to reaffirm the following policies:
  • Food and drink are not permitted in any classroom
  • Students should not utilize any items on or in the desks of teachers and students
  • Students shall not write on desks
  • Markers cannot be used on SmartBoards
Parents, please ask your students to strictly follow the rules otherwise we may lose the right to use the classrooms.

Best Regards

Daniel Yu

Livingston Huaxia Chinese School

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