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HSK Level 1-6 Test at Huaxia Livingston, 4/22/2017
Huaxia Debate Contest at Huaxia Edison, 4/23/2017
LHXCS Annual Chinese Word Recognition Contest, 4/29/2017
LHXCS Annual Election Day, 5/6/2017
Huaxia Track and Field Game at Huaxia Plainsboro, 5/7/2017

April 20, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians and Teachers,

Hope every family had a great spring break last week. We will have a normal school day this Saturday 4/22/2017. There are several due dates coming up:
  • 4/22/2017, HSK 2-6 Level Test
  • 4/22/2017, the cutoff date for school board candidate nominations
  • 4/23/2017, Huaxia (Central District) Debate Contest
  • 4/25/2017, the due date for the 19th Huaxia Track and Field Game registration

Please carefully review this Saturday's events/announcements as follows:

Huaxia (Central District) Debate Contest 2017 (Grade 4-9)
On April 23, 2017, our school's debate team will participate in the annual Huaxia (Central District) Debate Contest held in Huaxia Edison branch school. The contest is scheduled to start at 5pm on 4/23/2017. Huaxia Edison branch school is located at 50 Blvd of Eagles, Edison NJ 08817. The following students/teachers will represent Livingston Huaxia to compete with the students from other Huaxia branch schools in Huaxia central district:
甲组领队和队员 (Grade 4 - 6)乙组领队和队员 (Grade 7 - 9)
Leader's Name (领队):朱恩玲Leader's Name (领队): 唐晓铨
Student's English name 学生中文姓名Student's English name 学生中文姓名
Annabelle Zhang 正方一辩:张安安James Song 正方一辩:宋禹轩
Sheryl Liu 二辩:刘悉悦Bruce Zhang 二辩:张越翔
Isabelle Mao 三辩:李安安Jasmine Chen 三辩:陈嘉琪
Ryan Wu 反方一辩:吴雨隆Arthur Zang 反方一辩:臧知远
Karen Wu 二辩:吴天凤Jessie Luo 二辩:罗先伶
Julia Zhang 三辩:张彭融Gavin Zhao 三辩:赵广宁

HSK Test
Our school will hold the HSK Level 2-6 tests this Saturday 4/22/2017. Here is the finalized test schedule:
Test Date/Place(考试日期和地点): 4/22/2017 李文斯顿华夏中文学校
HSK Level(级别)Test Time(考试时间)Classroom(考试教室)
HSK Level 2 9:00-9:55 208
HSK Level 3 9:00-10:30 207A
HSK Level 4 10:45-12:30208
HSK Level 5 10:45-12:50207A
HSK Level 6 9:00-11:20 207B

1. 考生必须在开考前10分钟到达考场,携带报名时的有效身份证(复印件无效),领取准考证,考生收到准考证后请核对本人信息,如信息有误,请联系考点修改。
2. 参加纸笔考试须携带2B铅笔(两支以上)和橡皮
3. 听力考试开始前,迟到的考生可进入考场参加考试;听力考试开始后,迟到的考生须等听力考试结束后才可进入考场参加阅读考试,所误时间不补;阅读考试开始后,迟到的考生不得进入考场参加考试。
4. 考试结束约30天后,可登录汉语考试服务网(。凭准考证号码和姓名查询成绩。

Chinese Word Recognition Contest
Our annual Chinese Word Recognition Contest will be held in class next Saturday, 04/29/2016. The contest is one of the school's continued efforts to cultivate student's interest in learning Chinese. We believe this kind of activities will help students love Chinese school and love learning Chinese. Please encourage your child to participate in the contest. Your child's teacher should have sent you the contest details. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any question regarding the contest.

The 19th Huaxia Track and Field Game (Continued)
The Huaxia Chinese School Track and Field Games will take place on May 7, 2017 at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School. We encourage all school members to participate. The event registration deadline is April 25, 2017. All events are listed at the game online registration website Please go to the website to register your favorite events. The "Select Team" is "LHXCS2017" and the "Team Password" is "lhxcs2017". You will need these two pieces of information when you register any event for your child as well as for yourself.

Please also fill out the HX T&F2017 Individual Registration Form and hand it in to our registration desk in the school cafeteria.

2017 HX Track and Field Game Announcement
2017 HX Track and Field Individual Registration Form
2017 HX Track and Field Online Registration Tips

2017华夏排球赛Huaxia Volleyball Tournament

2)比赛地点:普兰斯堡中文学校体育馆。90 Grovers Mill Rd, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

If you are interested in organizing a team to represent our school, please contact PTA Chair Mr. Yun Wang at

Here is the latest list of summer camps approved:
名称 城市 时间 名额 年龄 领队 电话 Email
德兴营 江西省,上饶市 8/10 - 8/19 10 12-18 王丽华 908-764-0590
暨南大学营 广东省,广州市 7/29 - 8/11 10 12-18 高静 973-901-7248
南通营 江苏省,南通市 7/16 - 7/27 9 12-18 许恺 973-220-0442
玉山营 江西省,上饶市 6/27 - 7/10 10 12-18 贺新平 917-513-9575
安徽营 安徽省,合肥市 8/7 - 8/21 30 14-18 李彦 646-330-5799
安阳营 河南省,安阳市 7/20 - 7/29 9 12-18 王燕平 973-233-4573
湛江营 广东省,湛江市 8/10 - 8/21 9 12-18 待定
北京泼墨营 北京市 7/25 - 8/7 10 12-18 杨念念 201-328-2007
贵州营 贵州省,贵阳市 7/24 - 8/7 10 12-18 待定

If you want to be a chaperone, please email PTA Chair Mr. Yun Wang at asap. If you want to join a camp please contact the camp's chaperon asap.

Annual Election Day and LHXCS Election Committee
The annual election day is coming soon. This year's election day is on 5/6/2017. PTA has organized the election committee for this year's board election. The committee chair, Mr. Hongfei Tang, has sent the election details to all school members. Thanks to the following volunteers who are the members of 2017 election committee:
Name Email
Hongfei Tang(Chair)
Jeff Huang
Lin Lin
Lily Mo
Li Pan
Qingjun Xiao
Shilong Yang
Yitao Yu
Sunny Zhao


Daniel Yu (俞强)

Principal, LHXCS

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