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HX Mind Sports Game (Bridgewater) 10/23/2016
Refund Checks will be available for pickup on 10/29/2016

October 19, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We had another great day last Saturday. Our first annual academic contest - annual Recitation Contest for Grade 1 - Grade 3 (ZW, MLP) and CSL Beginner Levels was completed successfully. Congratulations to all winners! Thank you, teachers and parent judges, for your help and support! We will need your continued help and support in upcoming contests through the school year.

This Saturday, Oct. 22, will be a normal school day. Please pay attention to the following events/announcements:

LHXCS Open Board Meeting
LHXCS Board of Trustees has decided to hold an open board meeting to discuss the budget for school year 2016-2017. All parents are welcome to join in the meeting. Here are the details:

Date: 10/22/2016
Time: 9:30AM - 10:30AM
Place: Classroom 110

Meeting Agenda:
9:30~10:20AM: 1. Review the budget presented by the Principal.
2. Approve the budget if no changes are needed.
10:20AM~10:30AM 3. Q&A for parents

Recitation Contest Winners
1-3 年级背诵/演讲比赛成绩
年级/班 教师 第一名 第二名 第三名
CLS Beginer Level 1 姚樱 梅靖彤 陳樂軒
CLS Beginer Level 2 姚樱 张天禄 Alyson Hom 王语嫣
中文一年级一班 钟云 郑娜娜 赵心泽 杨迈 王依然
中文一年级二班 向晶晶 梁佑辰 刘文鑫 高奕涵
中文二年级一班 冯冉 汤崴廷 梁思羽 Amelia Stetson 徐咏淳
中文三年级一班 王青 郭羡玲 郭羡冰 盛安睿
中外三年级二班 王青 王文惠 张海天
马力平一年级一班 章阿芳 苏瑞哲 张翰贝
马力平一年级二班 张莉莉 吴思璇 罗可心 王睿安 王傲虨
马力平二年级一班 吕红 赵天睿 哈懿真 黄鸿瑞
马力平二年级二班 吕红 周易坤 卫思澄 姚奕鸣
马力平三年级一班 赵谊 李书瑜 吴悠 刘昕怡 陈瑞恩 刘金锐
马力平三年级二班 朱旭燕 陈皓轩 王浩谦 梅昊然

HX Mind Sports Game
2016 Huaxia Mind Sports Games will be held on Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 2016 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the Bridgewater branch school. The games will include Go, Chess, Team Bridge, Chinese Chess, Checkers, Sudoku, and other events. We will have 10 student and adult players to represent our school and participate in Team Bridge, Chess and Go games. Good luck to our players and wish them well in their games!

Performance Audition
Our school will have a Talent Show on 12/17/2016 to celebrate Christmas and New Year. As for the show, we encourage group performances and promote Chinese language oriented programs in various forms. This Saturday, 10/22, the screening committee will continue to accept program registration and host/hostess selection. If you are interested, please bring your children with their programs to Room 110 between 9:00--9:30 or 10:40--12:00pm for registration and/or host/hostess test. We plan to have the final selection round next Saturday, 10/29, from 10:40 am to 12:00 pm in Room 110 for program registration, audition and selection. Please do not miss this opportunity to show your kid's talents.

Meanwhile, to keep the tuition-based operation funds intact, we need to fundraise for this event. If you or any vendor you know can help the event by making financial contributions, please contact Mr Wei Chen, the Vice Principal, at We thank you for your support in advance.

Payment Due
All the tuition payments were due on 10/15/2016. Please login into your online registration system account and double check your balance. If you still owe a balance to the school, please bring a check to pay off the balance this Saturday. A $50 late fee will be added to your balance.

Tuition Refund
We have started to process the tuition refunds. The refund checks will be available next Saturday 10/29 at the registration desk in the cafeteria. Please come to pick them up with your photo ID.


Daniel Yu

Principal, LHXCS

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